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Meen Yaqne3ni Aw Yasbqni Card Game

Suitable for 8+ years

Add more fun and amusement to your gatherings with your family and friends playing Meen game

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Today's Deal is Meen Yaqne3ni Aw Yasbqni Card Game

Features & Specifications

  • Shuffle the cards (Nakba, Fazaa, Ekne'ni, Esbegni) and put the pile in the center
  • Pick a player to play first and then play proceeds clockwise
  • The first player draws only one card and reads it out loud
  • All players participate in the game and do what's written in the card as quick as possible
  • The fastest player takes the card and scores one point
  • "Fazaa" and "Nakba" cards are used only once and then they get burned
  • "Nakba" card is a judgment of punishment that must be carried out
  • "Fazaa" card enables you to switch cards with any other player
  • If one player is asked for a card and he didn't have, he would lose a point
  • The player who collects more cards wins the game
  • Model: 80000158
  • SKU: MP-1330-GST-MYAY

What's in The Box

  • 50 Ekne'ni card
  • 50 Esbegni card
  • 25 Fazaa card
  • 25 Nakba card
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