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Maxi Glider 360 Air Strider

4 Machines in 1

Full-body workout combining walking, running, and air striding exercises. Enhances fitness and strengthens muscles. Sturdy and comfortable design suitable for all fitness levels

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Today's Deal is Maxi Glider 360 Air Strider

Features & Specifications

  • Move forwards, backwards, even sidetoside and diagonally, for a 360degree, total body cardio workout.
  • Ingenious construction allows for 360 degrees of movement for a total body workout like no other.
  • Work through 4 distinct lower body movement types: Glide, Rotate, Ski and Split. Target every muscle in your legs, including the adductors and abductors that other machines may struggle to engage.
  • An Air Strider, for heartpumping, calorieburning cardio. A Cross Trainer, for total body muscle toning. An Abductor Machine for toned and shapely legs. A Pec Deck for upper body sculpting.
  • Folds down for easy storage in a cupboard or behind the sofa.

What's in The Box

  • Maxi Glider 360 Air Strider


  • 14 Days
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