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Crossway Table Tennis Racket Set

Include: 2 Racket - 3 Balls - 1 Bag

Offers a convenient way for players of all skill levels to engage in table tennis matches, whether it's for casual fun or more competitive play. It's a great option for families, schools, community centers, and anyone looking to add some active entertainment to their indoor activities.

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Today's Deal is Crossway Table Tennis Racket Set

Features & Specifications

  • Rackets: The set typically includes two table tennis rackets, each featuring a durable and lightweight design. These rackets are constructed to provide good control and spin on the ball, allowing players to execute various shots with precision.
  • Rubber Surface: The rackets come with a rubber surface on both sides, which enhances grip and enables players to generate spin on the ball. The rubber surface may have different thicknesses and textures to cater to different playing styles and skill levels.
  • Handle: The handles of the rackets are designed for comfort and ease of grip, allowing players to maintain control during intense rallies. They may feature ergonomic shapes or padding to reduce hand fatigue during extended play sessions.
  • Carrying Case: Many Crossway Table Tennis Racket Sets come with a convenient carrying case or pouch to store the rackets when not in use and to transport them easily to and from the playing venue.
  • Ball: Some sets may also include table tennis balls, typically made of plastic or celluloid, which are suitable for recreational play. These balls are designed to provide consistent bounce and flight characteristics for enjoyable gameplay.
  • Include: 2 Racket - 3 Balls - 1 Bag

What's in The Box

  • Crossway Table Tennis Racket Set


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