Orca 50Kg Electronic Luggage Scale –Silver

Capacity 50 kg, 2 Battery AAA

No more worrying if your airline check-in luggage or vacation shopping exceeds the weight limit with Orca Electronic Luggage Scale! With its portable size and slim profile due to the strap and clip design, this handy travel companion slots easily into any baggage pocket

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Today’s Deal is Orca 50Kg Electronic Luggage Scale –Silver

The smooth ergonomic body fits snugly in your hand so even weighing a heavy piece of luggage will not cause discomfort. Besides luggage, the tough durable canvas strap allows weighing of any object that can be slung up to a maximum of 50 kg

Features & Specifications

  • Stainless steel panel
  • High precision strain gauge sensor
  • Max weight capacity: 50 kg
  • LCD display
  • Target value setting, red backlight indication if over target
  • Power: 2 Battery AAA
  • Brand: Orca
  • Model: OR-60

What's in The Box

  • Orca 50Kg Electronic Luggage Scale –Silver
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