Apollo Soft Sponge Healthy Pillow (lara)

Once you are used to it, you will not want to be without it

This pillow is specially shaped to fit the neck and shoulder, and after only a few days, you will find a deep and incredibly restful sleep.

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Today's Deal is Apollo Soft Sponge Healthy Pillow, Experience the Healthy Sleep for Only KD3.25

Offers increased isolated pressure distribution, along with slightly reduced support or correction intensity to provide the ideal pillow for sensitive neck patients

Features & Specifications

  • Relieve neck tension and back pain
  • Recommended for asthma and allergic sufferer
  • Take it with you for a good night's sleep anywhere
  • Helps you experience welcome relief from hot flashes, backaches, headaches, night sweats, sunburn, and sore feet
  • Create your perfect sleeping temperature for good night's sleep
  • Healthy & hygienic
  • Use pillowcase to reduce the allergic symptoms and protect the pillow
  • Size: 50 x 70cm

What's in The Box

  • Apollo Soft Sponge Healthy Pillow
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