Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Sheeel.Com?

Sheeel.Com is a unique e-Store that offers Consumers in the Gulf, a simple proposition: One Amazing deal a day at unbeatable prices that is available for 24 hours or till the product sell's out (whichever comes first).Sheeel ... a deal everyday.

How is Sheeel.Com different from other Gulf based e-Stores?

Our goal is to save you money. We work hard on sourcing great products at amazing prices. On top of that, we have chosen the right logistic partner that will ensure a convenient delivery to your doorsteps, quickly and without charging you a fortune.

What happens if a product sells out?

You missed a on great Deal!

What happens when the product disappears after midnight?

Again, You missed a great Deal!

What do you mean by disappears after midnight?

Dudes, it is simple:

1) We find you a great product at an amazing price.Alright?

2) We throw it on our website at Midnight Kuwait time 00.00 am.Cool?

3) People like it, and start buying it.Aha!

4) The product is removed when one of the below happens:

24 hours has elapsed, i.e. 11:59pm Kuwait time or

the product sells out.

Sweet! Now I get you :-)really? If not, then please read the above again ;-)

How do you deliver my purchased product?

We teamed up with Fedex, the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry to express deliver your purchased products right to your door at amazing prices. Fedex provides you with the ability to track your orders online.

I want my products to be delivered by a camel or a truck to save me more money!

We are working with Fedex to provide more options to our costumers. We will provide more options in the future, but we promise you that Camels are not an option anymore.

What about the products Warranties?

In general our products will have the original distributors warranty and full instructions will be given for every deal. does not offer warranties except for dead on arrival items where we are committed to our full refund policy.

What is your Refund policy?

Sheeel.Com offers full refund on defective products and electronics that are Dead on Arrival (DoA). Please contact our costumer service department to register your claim within 3 business days of receiving your product and we will help with your claim. email us on

How can I get in touch with you? I may have a question, a claim, a protest or I might Just feel like talking to someone?

Wow, we love chitchatting! But, please understand that we are really working hard on finding you incredible deals. So the best way to chat with us is through email. Please send all your enquiries by email to