Sanitizer Spray Gun

Light Weight – Time Saver – Latent Heat

Reduce the time wasted when you do a hair treatment with this Sanitiser Spray Gun. It releases latent heat into hair to open pores and get inside hair fibers.

Time left 120h : 25m : 43s

    Today's Deal is Sanitizer Spray Gun, Simple and Easy To Use

    Don’t waste time and effort on your hair treatment and use the Sanitiser Spray Gun. It impulses the steam to reach the smallest pores in the head and between the hair fibers to promote pharmaceutical chemical reaction and shorten the time of the treatments.

Features & Specifications

  • Release Latent Heat
  • Penetrate into Head Pores
  • Penetrate into Hair Fibers
  • Shorten Hair Treatment Time

What's in The Box

  • Spray Gun
  • Attachable Water Bottle
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