Deerma 350W Hand Held Mites Vacuum Cleaner

Ultraviolet light eliminates mites

Household vacuum cleaner electric anti-dust mites remover instrument. Upgrade 253.7mm UV quartz glass UV lamp, UV-C with wavelength of 240-270nm can directly destroy cells and germ DNA, and make dust mites die instantly. Using the centrifugal force generated by the spiral dust-containing airflow, the particulate pollutants with a density greater than that of the gas are separated from the gas to the wall of the box, and quickly precipitate due to inertia.

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Today's Deal is Deerma 350W Hand Held Mites Vacuum Cleaner

Features & Specifications

  • The cyclone absorbs dust and mites quickly
  • Ultraviolet light eliminates mites
  • HEPA deep filter, double purification
  • Washable isolation dust box, Small and light
  • Double protection against UV leakage
  • Visual dust box, the purification effect is clearly visible

What's in The Box

  • Deerma 350W Hand Held Mites Vacuum Cleaner


  • 6 Months
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