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Wudu Foot Washer

Ideal for Elderly, Pregnant Women, People with Back Pain

Seniors or people with back pain can find it hard to raise their leg to sink level for Wudu or to wash it, with the foot washer, they can simply do it with the maximum comfort, simply push with your foot inside the washer and water will be sprayed

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Today's Deal is Wudu Foot Washer, A Simple Solution for Seniors and Sick People

The first specialized Wudu Foot Washer, especially to assist the elderly, pregnant women & those with movement related challenges. Simple and hygienic to use, it is ideal for your entire family. What is more interesting is that the Foot Washer does not require power and uses minimal water. Within each box, you get everything you require to set up and start using the Foot Washer: The Foot Washer, Waste Water Hose, Spill Guard, Filter and Washer, Fresh Water Hose and a Twin Angle Valve. Once set up, the Foot Washer uses minimal water and is suitable for home and commercial use

Features & Specifications

  • Facilitates easy practice of Wudu
  • Convenient and hygienic to use
  • Dispenses 12 seconds of mist of water
  • Saves water, uses only 250ml of water
  • Works without using power
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Easily installed
  • Made in China

What's in The Box

  • Fresh Water Hose - 1.2 Meter
  • Twin Angle Valve - 1/2" x 1/2"
  • English / Arabic Instruction Manual
  • Foot washer Bowl
  • Filter & Washer
  • Waste water hose
  • Spill Guard


  • One Year
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