Teifoc 2 Houses Brick Construction Set

Indulge your Kids with Useful and Fun Activity

Teifoc is a unique build and play system that uses real reusable bricks and building plans to create fun and elaborate structures and creations.

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Today's Deal is Teifoc 2 Houses Brick Construction Set, Develop your Child's Creative Skills

Build your own city with real bricks

Features & Specifications

  • Unique build and play system that uses real reusable clay bricks and dis-solvable cement mortar.
  • High-quality Natural Materials
  • Especially the Little Architects and Builders
  • Build 2 houses using real clay bricks and cement!
  • Kit includes bricks, Teifoc cement with bowl and masonry trowel, wooden water wheel and board to construct the model on.
  • Bricks are made of cooked clay and totally safe for play.
  • Each Teifoc kit includes one or more building drawings, but you can let your imagination run free.
  • Safe and soluble sand and corn-extract based mortar create castles and landscapes.
  • To build a new model, simply soak in water, dry the bricks and start again. It's as easy as that!
  • Teifoc bricks are made from high-quality natural materials.
  • The whole family has fun with Teifoc, especially the little architects and builders!
  • Just dissolve the cement in water and you can rebuild over and over again!
  • Made in Germany
  • Brand: Teifoc
  • Model: TEI 4105

What's in The Box

  • Teifoc 2 Houses Brick Construction Set
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