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Save 22% on 500 g Manuka Honey 20+ & 800 MGO concentration from AL-Owaid Honey

Pay only KD46 instead of KD59

Manuka honey:
Natural honey produced from bee food on the nectar of the manuka tree flower that grows only in New Zealand and parts of Australia, which distinguishes it from other types of honey, hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal (MGO), which gives honey the quality of antibiotics used in the treatment of bacteria and germs .

Among its most important benefits are effective medical treatment for:
Digestive disorders - heartburn - GERD - chest burning - stomach ulcers - irritable bowel diseases - stomach and duodenal ulcers (Helicobacter Pylori) - It has also been observed that manuka honey has soothing effects for: sore throat - cold symptoms - coughing - Inflammation of the inner cavity, cold symptoms - cough - sore fever, wounds, and burns.

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Today's Deal is Save 22% on 500 g Manuka Honey 20+ & 800 MGO concentration from AL-Owaid Honey, Pay only KD46 instead of KD59

  • At AL-Owaid Honey our mission is to find the purest, most delicious, raw honey from countries around the world. We’re dedicated to everything honey – from exquisite single-origin, mono-floral honey, to potent honey fusions to irresistible combinations of raw honey.

Features & Specifications

  • 20+ classification & 800 MGO concentration
  • Can not be used with another offers
  • No cash back
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