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Nintendo Switch Mario VS Donkey Kong Game

Donkey Kong has stolen the Mini-Marios! Solve platforming puzzles to get them back. Tailor the challenge to your playstyle or bring a friend along in local multiplayer! Run, jump, and backflip your way to rescuing the stolen Mini-Mario toys in this puzzling twist on Mario action.

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Today's Deal is Nintendo Switch Mario VS Donkey Kong Game

Features & Specifications

  • Obstacles like spikes, moving platforms, and falling bricks stand in your way—put your brain to work and figure out the best way to reach the Mini-Marios.
  • You’ll have to master Color Switches, Warp Boxes, and more as the difficulty ramps up across more than 130 levels, including challenging Plus and Expert levels.
  • The newly-added Casual Style removes time limits and adds checkpoints so you can relax and think.
  • Classic Style has got you covered with the timed levels and one-hit defeats of the original Game Boy™ Advance game.
  • But that’s not all—you can bring a friend along in the newly-added Two-Player Mode, which adds an extra objective for Mario and Toad to take on together!

What's in The Box

  • Nintendo Switch Mario VS Donkey Kong Game
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