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HI-TEX Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags - 11Pcs

Ideal for Storage clothing & orderly wardrobe

Clean clothes that need to be stored, such as clothes quilts, and dry them. Put it in a storage bag and note that the storage bag should not be full. Use a special pull tab to pull the zipper. Use a hand pump or vacuum cleaner to align the air intake. Take out the air. Be careful not to take out the pink rubber pad. After the suction is completed, change the cover.

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Today's Deal is HI-TEX Vacuum Storage Bags

Features & Specifications

  • Vacuum Compression Bag
  • Material: PET+PE
  • Clothes and quilts, etc. should be completely dry before they can be put into the bag.
  • Please do not touch directly with nails or needles, so as not to pierce the bag.
  • (11pcs/set:3pcs *40*60,3pcs* 50*70,3pcs* 50*90,1pcs* 80*100,1pcs* air pump)
  • SKU : HI-VAC
  • Made In china

What's in The Box

  • HI-TEX Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags - 11Pcs


  • 14 Days
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