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Overall Check from Al-Kout Medical Centre

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Get an overall check session by using advanced technology to analyze key physiological biomarkers of health.
check include: kidney function - Routine urine test - Liver enzymes - AST, ALT, LDH - -Total albumin protein- vitamins -Vitamin D and B12- Fats- cholesterol, triglycerides,- Useful fats, harmful fats
- Total jaundice, direct jaundice - GGT enzyme and Alk- bone minerals- Total calcium, ionized calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus -Thyroid -Thyroid stimulating hormone - TSH + T3 + T4 - Sugar check
- Spy sugar, sedimentation rate- Anemia check -Complete blood picture, iron stock

Regular Price: KD230

Special Price: KD33

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  • Valid from: 08 March 2023
  • Valid to: 08 April 2023
  • Value: KD230
  • Locations
  • Mangaf –Block4- Coastal Road-Bldg89

The Deal

Overall Check from Al-Kout Medical Centre, pay only KD33 instead of KD230

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