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Battlefield 2042 for PS5 PAL

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Adapt and Overcome Dynamically-Changing Battlegrounds with The Help of Your Squad and a Cutting-Edge Arsenal.Massive-Scale 128 Player Battles where Dynamic Storms, Environmental Hazards and Total Combat Freedom are at Hand

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Today's Deal is Battlefield 2042 for PS5 PAL

Features & Specifications

  • Experience the Nostalgia of Past Battlefield Games, Combined with the Cutting-Edge Tech of Battlefield 2042 in Fights where Anything Can Happen
  • Take on Custom-Made Modes or Create Your Own Unique Experience Using Powerful Builder Tools
  • Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Maps and Providing them with Modern, Hi-Def Quality
  • Choose Your Role on The Battlefield and Form Hand-Tailored Squads through The New Specialist System
  • Fight to Define the Future in this Never-before-Seen Theatre of War

What's in The Box

  • Battlefield 2042 for PS5 PAL
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