On-ear Stereo Headphones by Bose

On-ear Stereo Headphones by Bose

Save 45%, Select between built-in MIC OE2i or without Mic OE2

Wear the headphones for hours with the comfortable memory foam padding

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Today’s Super Deal On-ear Stereo Headphones by Bose, TriPort technology Starting from only 24.9 KD

Bose OE2/OE2i headphones combine lifelike audio with lightweight comfort. They deliver the Bose sound you expect,. You'll hear the full range of your favorite music, from deep lows to clear highs. The sleeker, slimmer design looks great too. And OE2i headphones feature an inline microphone for iPhone calling and an inline remote that controls

Features & Specifications

  • Bose on-ear headphones
  • Advanced acoustic design brings out the depth and clarity of your music
  • Light design features slim headband and memory foam ear cushions that reduce pressure points for hours of comfortable listening Advanced design and durable materials ensure lasting quality
  • Fold-flat, collapsible design allows easy storage in carrying case, Detachable cable On 1 ear-cup for less tangling and easy storage
  • TriPort technology, available only from Bose, reproduces tonally balanced audio with deep low notes from lightweight, on-ear headphones
  • Soft, cushioned earcups rest gently on your ears, providing a smooth, natural audio experience and a comfortable fit
  • The headphones fold flat for storage in the zippered carrying case to protect them during travel
  • Fold flat earcups rotate into headband for increased portability and easy storage
  • Extra feature only for OE2i (built-in MIC
  • Inline microphone allows for hands-free iPhone calling and access to certain voice applications, such as VoiceOver and VoiceControl.

What's in The Box

  • Your Choice of On-ear Stereo Headphones by Bose


  • One year

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